Tips For Getting Ready For Going Hairless

Whether you are getting ready for taking off your hair from armpits, head or legs or wherever you please, there are sometimes things that need to be done in order to prepare your skin for the oncoming ordeal. Sometimes these rituals can save you from loads of pain and months of dryness where you cannot seem to make your skin seem right.

•    For shaving

Shaving is something we are all used to doing on a regular basis and sometimes end up forgetting the basic things that need to be done in order to make sure that skin stays healthy after shaving. Before shaving it is better to do moisturizing to the areas where you are going to cut off hair from for a week on a daily basis.

Then when you are shaving you should probably use a moisturizer or a really smooth shaving cream as not to damage your pores and end up with itchy legs after shaving. Also it is a good idea to shave while on a hot water shower or bath as it enlarges your pores and you will have an easier time doing the actual shaving work.

Another tip is using baby oil before you use shaving cream to make sure that your razor runs smoothly and without any issues along your skin.

•    Pre-waxing rituals

Make sure to check your skin to take note of areas of moles, lesions and wounds that need to be skipped over as not to give you more pains and issues. Before you do the waxing make sure to cleanse your skin thoroughly with gentle soaps and scrubs of your favourite nature. Using lukewarm water or cold water is recommended to avoid drying out of skin. If you are not a fan of soaps, then go for an exfoliating cream or scrub to use on your skin to cleanse and help get rid of excess epidermis cells and dead cells.

After exfoliating, you need to hydrate the skin. You can go for your favourite hydrating and nourishing mask or cream or you can soak the to-be waxed areas with warm water for around five to ten minutes too. The warm water will also help with opening up pores for taking off hair.

•    For those going to the laser hair removal treatment

The month before your appointment should be spent indoors as much as possible, according to laser hair removal professionals. If you are sunburned or tanned the procedure cannot be applied and also if you have waxed the treatment cannot be applied due to the hair follicle needing to be present in order for the treatment to work. Also it is best if you shave before you go for the appointment to make the day easier for the professionals and save yourself a whole lot of embarrassment. To know more about stretch mark removal Sydney, visit

Try your best to make it easier on your skin so use your skin beauty products as much as possible in order to make sure smooth skin is the result.