Go For Home Remedies

Hair is for the insulation of the human body. But they affect the beautiful look at the same time. Numerous therapies on hair removal are now available in the market. But you may have to face lots of side effects after going through the therapies. Therefore the home remedies are the best ones to be chosen. They are the most inexpensive processes also.

Though you can consult any beautician for permanent hair removal, but still you can try out these hair removal processes. These homemade hair removal recipes are proven effective and used by many. You can directly use this link http://datsumo-labo.com.hk/en/ for more of great permanent hair removal.

So let’s try the easy home remedies which are truly painless, blood less and also keeps your skin naturally glowing.• FOR FACIAL HAIR – SUGAR AND LEMON MIX: Mix two tablespoons of sugar with ten tablespoons of water. Then add the two teaspoons of lemon juice with the mixture in a small bowl. Apply this mixture on your face for twice or thrice a week. The fifteen minutes’ process will reduce the amount of facial hair. However, for permanent hair removal, you may go for laser technique too.

• MIXTURE OF SUGAR, HONEY AND LEMON – FOR LEGS AND ARMS: This is the best way to remove unwanted hair of your legs and arms. Sugar, lemon juice and honey all are taken in small bowl with the amount of one tablespoon. The mixture needs to be heated next for three or four minutes. Let the paste be cooled and applied on your skin and get it dried for a while. Then place the waxing strip on the place of hair removal and pull it against the hair growth. This process can be repeated with the trace of any unwanted hair on legs or arms.

• POTATOES AND LENTILS – AYURVEDIC PROCESS: When you want to remove the unwanted hair and also to lighten the skin tone, try out this process. The potatoes have the natural properties of bleach and along with lentils – they will help in lightening your skin tone. This truly a very effective method to get rid of the facial hair and also to be applied on the other body parts like legs, arms etc.

• EGG MASK FOR FACIAL HAIR REMOVAL: While thinking of the unwanted facial hair, which affect your beauty, egg mask is very effective process to be chosen. A half tablespoon of corn flour, an egg and a tablespoon amount of sugar – are mixed up in a bowl. Apply it on your face and let it dry for twenty minutes. Now you have to peel off the egg mask with skilful hands and your facial hair will be pulled out easily. Look at your beautiful face and get ready for any party quickly.